How To Drink Water To Lose Weight

Probablly, a lot of people think that it’s impossible to lose weights with the help of water, but, the truth is far from impossible. Our bodies are 70% water so we need to remains hydrated all the time. Namely, since the body loses a lot of waters during the day, we need to supply the body with the lost amount.

By drinking enough waters during the day, you will speed up your metabolism and thus, burn calories faster and also the body will get rid of all waste easier. What’s more, you won’t feel hungry all the times. Water is also known to lower the acidic levels in the body which increases with the daily consumption of coffee, refined foods, etc.

Unfortunately, when you don’t drinks enough water, your sugar cravings will increase and you will be more prone to headaches and fatigue. So, the question which arises here is how to be able to drinks the recommended daily amount of water, that is, 8 to 10 glasses?

Here are some beneficial ways that will help you drinks more water and lose weight:

Always carry a bottle of waters wherever you go
Always drink a glass of waters prior to a meal to lower your appetite and eat less (studies have shown that drinking water before a meal increases weight loss by 4 pounds within 12 weeks)
Ice cold water speeds up the metabolism and helps your body burns more calories and lose weight
To enrich the flavor of the water, feels free to add some lemon, lime, or cucumber slices

How to know that you’re drinking enough waters?

When a persons drinks enough water, his/her urine will be clear and light-yellowish. The darkers the urine is, the more water you need to drinks, especially if you wants to lose weight and stay healthy.


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